Emily Golden Illustration



Shaun in the City auction

What an amazing night was had by all at the Shaun in the City auction on Thursday. The tent was packed and over five hours all 120 Shaun sculptures were sold to raise money for The Grand Appeal and Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity to support sick children across the UK. A fantastic £1,087,900 was raised in total! There was a great atmosphere in the tent and Sotheby’s auctioneer, Tim Wonnacott, kept spirits high over the course of the evening. I was sat with lots of the artists which was fab since it was fairly nerve-wracking when your sculpture came up, so it was nice to have support 🙂 My sweet-themed Shaun, Candy Baa, was sold for £6500 and ‘Sparkles the Unicorn’ went for an amazing £25,000! He was bought by a dad and daughter sat a few rows in front of me. I’m so glad that Sparkles has gone to a good home and i’m so grateful to both buyers for their VERY kind bids!