Bristol Children’s Hospital

The Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity, commissioned me to brighten up the walls of the Level 5 theatres and Level 4 anaesthetic rooms at Bristol Children’s Hospital. The staff at the hospital chose Outer Space as their theme for level 5, so I created a team of animal astronauts who guide the young patients through their journey from the entrance to the recovery bays. Level 4 has an existing beach theme so I matched the operating room vinyls to this.

Staff Quotes

‘I believe this has transformed what was a very clinical, oppressive environment into a vibrant, interesting and effective working theatre environment.’

‘These artworks provide a great distraction for patients undergoing induction of anaesthesia’

‘Really nice change.. Puts a smile on my face every time I work up here’

‘They were obviously done with a sense of humour, as planet Uranus points towards the toilets….. ALWAYS makes me laugh’

‘I have often heard patients comment on how great these pieces of artwork are, it is a nice surprise totally not what I was expecting in a theatre suite.’