Emily Golden Illustration



Painting Sparkles the Unicorn!

For my second sculpture for ‘Shaun in the City’ I created a unicorn-themed Shaun, ‘Sparkles the Unicorn’. My first sculpture was very bright, so I decided to use pastel colours for this one. I created a mood board with lots of rainbows, glitter effects and colours that I liked, and I designed Sparkles around this.

I had more of a time limit with this sculpture, but as he is mostly white he took me half the time of ‘Candy Baa‘, 27 hours in total! I began by covering him with a base of white emulsion. Once this was dry, I used flexible masking tape and Frog Tape to mask out all the stars (which I cut using a star cutter) and his wings. This meant that I could paint Sparkles and, once he was dry, could peel off the stars to get a clean edge.

I used a limited palette of emulsion mixed up at the Dulux centre on Gloucester Road in Bristol. After the main stripes were painted, I moved onto the wings, legs and feet. I used my masking tape technique on the leg stars as well.

I was inspired by kawaii cartoons when it came to his eyes and I think I was channeling David Bowie when I painted his face! It was hard to hold back when it came to painting him all over. Unicorns are mostly white, so I was conscious that I needed to leave Sparkles mostly white to get the effect that I wanted. I was able to add a little more detail to his ears, which are wings, and a few heart charms around his body.

Finally I found a great rainbow glitter glaze that I thought would add a fun sparkle effect to the sculpture when the sun hits it. Instead of painting this all over, I was selective with the areas. All white areas plus the horn and wings are covered in this, so hopefully he sparkles and lives up to his name!