Emily Golden Illustration



Christmas Cement Pots!

Happy 2016! This Christmas I decided to make gifts for my family, so everyone received cement mini planters, vases and tea light holders. I thought I would post a few pics and instructions so if anyone fancied giving them a go here is how I made them.

First make sure you lay dust sheets or newspaper as it can get a bit messy! Also, I collected lots of plastic pots leading up to Christmas, so clean these out and have them ready. I found that Tropicana cartons and porridge oat pots worked well. I then bought a bag of cement from B&Q and in a big bucket I mixed 1 part water to 4 parts cement mixture. Apparently the consistency you want is like peanut butter!


Using a spatula or spoon scoop the mixture into your containers. As you will be placing a smaller container inside the mixture to make the inner well, fill it about two thirds full to allow for displacement. Bang the containers down on a surface a few times to get rid of air bubbles. Then push your smaller container into the cement. For planters I used polystyrene cups set into the cement mix, for tea lights I set a metal tea light outer casing in the top and for vases a plastic tube works well. The inner containers tended to rise up a little, so I held them down by putting masking tape over the top.


Leave for about 24 hours, then peel off or pull out all the containers. The cement might be a little dark, but this dries lighter over the next few days. I then used a hand sander to smooth off any rough tops. Make sure you wear a mask!


Once fully dry use Frog Tape to mask out your pattern on the outsides of your pots. I used 3 shades of emulsion and applied with a sponge so that I didn’t have brush marks. Extra light colours worked well and I think black and metallics would too.


Once the paint is dry, peel off the masking tape and they are done! I wrapped mine in crepe paper in matching colours and tied with ribbon, ta-da!