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Shaun in the City auction

What an amazing night was had by all at the Shaun in the City auction on Thursday. The tent was packed and over five hours all 120 Shaun sculptures were sold to raise money for The Grand Appeal and Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity to support sick children across the UK. A fantastic £1,087,900 was raised in total! There was a great atmosphere in the tent and Sotheby’s auctioneer, Tim Wonnacott, kept spirits high over the course of the evening. I was sat with lots of the artists which was fab since it was fairly nerve-wracking when your sculpture came up, so it was nice to have support 🙂 My sweet-themed Shaun, Candy Baa, was sold for £6500 and ‘Sparkles the Unicorn’ went for an amazing £25,000! He was bought by a dad and daughter sat a few rows in front of me. I’m so glad that Sparkles has gone to a good home and i’m so grateful to both buyers for their VERY kind bids!

The Great Sheep Round Up

To celebrate the end of the Shaun Trail this summer, the artists were invited to a private view in Bristol to view all 120 Shaun sculptures! It was a fab evening with bubbly and it was great to catch up with fellow artists and see some of the Shauns that I didn’t manage to tick off my trail list. I managed to get a sneaky pic with Nick Park too which made my evening 🙂



A treat in the post!

This morning I received my very own Candy Baa figurine from the Shaun in the City team. I am so happy with him, and he will have pride of place next to my desk!

Candy Baa figurine available.

You can now order a hand painted figurine of my London Shaun sculpture, Candy Baa. He was sponsored by Green’s Cake Mixes and situated in Covent Garden for the London trail, and now you can own a mini one for your own home, 16cm long to be exact! Proceeds go to charity, so head over to the Wallace and Gromit Charity Shop to get yours now!

Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Foundation. Charity no. 1043603. Shaun the Sheep & Shaun in the City ©& ™ Aardman Animations Ltd 2015


New World Record!

Our colouring book broke the record for the world’s largest! Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the actual event, but a fellow collaborator, Emily, took a few snaps of my page after it was filled in. Thanks to Hobs Reprographics and O’Leary Goss Architects for organising! I can now officially say I am a world record holder. Smaller versions of the book were sold on the day to raise money for The Grand Appeal.



World Record Breaking Colouring Book

This weekend at Bristol’s Harbourside Festival, a giant colouring book will be revealed! My work will feature in a 5mx2m book organised by O’Leary Goss Architects and Hobs Reprographics in Bristol, which will hopefully break the Guinness Word Record. Today I went down to Hobs to see it being printed. Here I am with fellow contributors, Emily and Dona. Two full pages needed to be coloured in over the weekend for it to break the record, so fingers crossed!

New Colouring Book

After a bit of a rest from activity books, I have just started on a new upcoming Copycat Colouring Book for Buster Books. It’s good to be back drawing with my old trusty fine liner!

Painting Sparkles the Unicorn!

For my second sculpture for ‘Shaun in the City’ I created a unicorn-themed Shaun, ‘Sparkles the Unicorn’. My first sculpture was very bright, so I decided to use pastel colours for this one. I created a mood board with lots of rainbows, glitter effects and colours that I liked, and I designed Sparkles around this.

I had more of a time limit with this sculpture, but as he is mostly white he took me half the time of ‘Candy Baa‘, 27 hours in total! I began by covering him with a base of white emulsion. Once this was dry, I used flexible masking tape and Frog Tape to mask out all the stars (which I cut using a star cutter) and his wings. This meant that I could paint Sparkles and, once he was dry, could peel off the stars to get a clean edge.

I used a limited palette of emulsion mixed up at the Dulux centre on Gloucester Road in Bristol. After the main stripes were painted, I moved onto the wings, legs and feet. I used my masking tape technique on the leg stars as well.

I was inspired by kawaii cartoons when it came to his eyes and I think I was channeling David Bowie when I painted his face! It was hard to hold back when it came to painting him all over. Unicorns are mostly white, so I was conscious that I needed to leave Sparkles mostly white to get the effect that I wanted. I was able to add a little more detail to his ears, which are wings, and a few heart charms around his body.

Finally I found a great rainbow glitter glaze that I thought would add a fun sparkle effect to the sculpture when the sun hits it. Instead of painting this all over, I was selective with the areas. All white areas plus the horn and wings are covered in this, so hopefully he sparkles and lives up to his name!

Sparkles the Unicorn!

This weekend saw the launch of the Bristol ‘Shaun in the City’. I painted a Shaun for the London trail earlier this year, Candy Baa. I was then asked if I would like to paint another for the Bristol trail. I can now reveal that my second sculpture is called ‘Sparkles the Unicorn’! He took 27 hours to paint and is covered in a glitter glaze so he should sparkle in the sunshine. He is kindly sponsored by Brunel Care (provider of high quality housing, care and support for older people in the South West) and he can be found on Horfield Common in Bristol until the 31st August.

‘Every Child a Library’ card.

Scholastic used my ‘Loon on the Moon’ artwork for a card design for the ‘Every Child a Library’ project. The aim is to give every child a library card when their birth is registered as a way of promoting literacy. My card will be is use in Scotland.