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Let’s Draw Robots with Crayola

Firstly, Happy New Year! It’s been a while since my last blog post because I’ve been super busy looking after my little baby, but the end of maternity is on the horizon and it’s back to work for me! I’ve been lucky enough to have a few drawing projects on the go over maternity leave, so I haven’t completely forgotten how to illustrate! This morning, my copies of the learn to draw book I completed with Crayola and Lerner Publishers landed on my doorstep. It’s titled ‘Let’s Draw Robots with Crayola’, and is available to order now. There are some fun drawing projects for kids varying in difficulty with step-by-step instructions on how to draw a wide selection of robots using simple shapes and colours.

Major Trauma Illustrations

Working alongside major trauma practitioners at Southmead Hospital I created a series of illustrations for print and web to help explain trauma discharge. It was a Health Foundation funded project and shows a patient entering A&E, in the recovery stage doing physio and talking to a member of staff before going home.

Parents Room at the Bristol Children’s Hospital

Working alongside The Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity, I created some simple geometric wall vinyls to brighten up the Parents Room. This room will be used by parents of young patients to relax, make food and drinks, and watch TV so I didn’t want to create anything that felt too overbearing. I settled on a limited colour scheme with a hint of pattern in the individual shapes.

Mental Health Counselling Room

I worked alongside Juliette Hughes, the Clinical Manager of the Emergency Department at Southmead and Matt Crabtree, the Department Manager, to come up with some artwork for the Mental Health Counselling Room in the ED. It was a tricky brief as the aim was soften the room and make it more of a relaxing place for patients and staff. We settled on a garden/botanical theme and as there was already some furniture in the room, I tied in the wall vinyls with the dark blue and turquoise already in place. The back wall features two shelves containing botanical prints and plants which I hope help distract and calm whoever finds themselves in the room. The rest of the room depicts a greenhouse and landscape alongside hanging succulents and birds, bringing a little of the outside inside.

It’s baby time!

I’m so excited about the upcoming arrival of our first baby due in April and am currently working on my last few freelance commissions before taking a bit of a break to focus on the baby! I’m really enjoying decorating her room, kids stuff is so colourful and fun! I decided to make a couple of cushions for the nursery chair, so popped to Fabric Land and for £7 made a peach cat face and a pink pom pom yellow one to brighten up the room. My next project is a pom pom mobile!

New Nutcracker Gromit Sculpture

This Christmas I created a brand new Gromit Sculpture for The Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital. He is called Nutcracker and is painted in bright Christmas colours as well as metallic gold to make him extra festive. He will be on display at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol until Christmas where you can enter a raffle to win him, with all funds raised going to The Grand Appeal. I hope he finds a good home!

Southmead A&E

I was recently commissioned to create artwork for the Accident and Emergency Department at Southmead Hospital in Bristol. I worked alongside Matt Crabtree, the Department Manager and Mel Toogood, a Triage Nurse, to come up with some graphics that would brighten up the space as well as informing patients about their visit. Nigel Davies and his team at C3 Imaging installed the vinyls and I am really happy with how they have turned out. If you find yourself in A&E (hopefully for nothing serious!) then check out the lobby and main waiting area.

Window Wanderland 2016

This year I took part in the Bishopston Window Wanderland. It was a great event organised in my local area of Bishopston, Bristol. For two nights lots of windows were decorated in the neighbourhood and you could wander around to check out all the great displays. Despite the rainy weather, loads of people came out for it and enjoyed pizza and live music. I decorated mine and my neighbour’s windows with black monster silhouettes. I even squeezed in ‘No Face’ from one of my favourite animated films, Spirited Away!

Sparkles Figurine

I have a friend for my Candy Baa figurine! You can now purchase a mini Sparkle the Unicorn from the Shaun in the City shop http://www.wallaceandgromitcharityshop.org.uk/collections/shaun-the-sheep-figurines/products/sparkles-the-unicorn-shaun-the-sheep-figurine-1. I now have both Shauns on my studio shelf accompanied by a lovely Sparkles mug. The shop has some great merchandise for sale, with proceeds going to the Grand Appeal. Whether it’s a t-shirt, homeware, stationery or another figurine you are looking for, check out the shop for more details.


Christmas Cement Pots!

Happy 2016! This Christmas I decided to make gifts for my family, so everyone received cement mini planters, vases and tea light holders. I thought I would post a few pics and instructions so if anyone fancied giving them a go here is how I made them.

First make sure you lay dust sheets or newspaper as it can get a bit messy! Also, I collected lots of plastic pots leading up to Christmas, so clean these out and have them ready. I found that Tropicana cartons and porridge oat pots worked well. I then bought a bag of cement from B&Q and in a big bucket I mixed 1 part water to 4 parts cement mixture. Apparently the consistency you want is like peanut butter!


Using a spatula or spoon scoop the mixture into your containers. As you will be placing a smaller container inside the mixture to make the inner well, fill it about two thirds full to allow for displacement. Bang the containers down on a surface a few times to get rid of air bubbles. Then push your smaller container into the cement. For planters I used polystyrene cups set into the cement mix, for tea lights I set a metal tea light outer casing in the top and for vases a plastic tube works well. The inner containers tended to rise up a little, so I held them down by putting masking tape over the top.


Leave for about 24 hours, then peel off or pull out all the containers. The cement might be a little dark, but this dries lighter over the next few days. I then used a hand sander to smooth off any rough tops. Make sure you wear a mask!


Once fully dry use Frog Tape to mask out your pattern on the outsides of your pots. I used 3 shades of emulsion and applied with a sponge so that I didn’t have brush marks. Extra light colours worked well and I think black and metallics would too.


Once the paint is dry, peel off the masking tape and they are done! I wrapped mine in crepe paper in matching colours and tied with ribbon, ta-da!